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With more than 20 years of professional bicycle fitting and positioning experience (50 years of combined experience), more formal training than any retailer and more successful bicycle fits and positions (3500+ and counting) than any other professional bicycle retailer in Michigan, Bikesport Inc. is the top resource for bicycle fitting and positioning.

Bikesport, Inc.specializes in fitting for entry level and beginner road cyclists and triathletes. Bikesport's founder and Director of Fitting, Tom Demerly, has been employed by Olympic athletes, several World Championship Triathletes, Tour de France riders, top professional cyclists as well as national cycling and triathlon federations, training camps, magazines and cycling teams to perform bike fitting and positioning. Clients travel to Bikesport, Inc. for fitting services from all over the world coming from as far as England, Hong Kong, Taiwan, all over the United States and Canada for fitting and positioning for new and existing bicycles. Bikesport, Inc. provides airport pick-up and drop off, VIP facilities for private/corporate aircraft fly-in clients and private fitting outside of public hours for clients.

With a broad range of fitting services, an extensive resume of formal, professional instruction, a long dossier of clients fitted and more practical expereince with more fits than any bike fitter in the Midwest, Bikesport, inc is the most credible, experienced resource for bicycle fit and position for every experience level. We are pleased to serve clients from beginner, first time cyclist to elite level athletes.

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You've just purchased a new road or triathlon bike and your shoulders hurt, your crotch is killing you and it feels completely weird. Find out more information about getting used to your new bike by reading this.

>> How Can I Ride a Bike before I buy it?

You're considering the purchase of a road or triathlon bike. Finding the right bike is confusing, with all the conflicting reviews and the different opinions you've heard.

>> Improving your Position.

The before and after of two existing bike fits done using FIST tri bike fit prinicples.

>> Direct Connection.

Your cycling shoes translate fitness to power. But what makes a shoe work?

>> One Man's Position:

Todd Briggs is one of the best age groupers from sprint to Ironman distance. We look at his new position here.

>> How Good Is Your Position?

We look at bike positions and show how the best (and worst) triathlon positions look here.




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