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Read This About Our Product Reviews.

Mike Rabe speaks for Bikesport

How do you know you can believe a product review?

That's a valid question. One that should be asked more often. Within the bicycle industry there are many magazines, websites, chat groups and even television shows that feature product reviews. For some, product reviews are the primary tool used to make buying decisions. Some people regard product reviews as gospel.

This is an enormous mistake.

Product reviews, especially in the bike industry, represent (at best) little more than an opinion. Often a poorly informed opinion. At worst, product reviews are a deliberately underhanded attempt to influence your opinion.

With this in mind we make these promises regarding our reviews:

  • We write our own reviews.
  • We do our own testing.
  • The views expressed are our opinion.
  • If we have something negative to say about a product, we say it.
  • We will allow the manufacturer ONE opportunity via telephone and e-mail to respond to our comments. If we don't get a response, we will assume they choose not to respond.

VENDORS: If you disagree with an opinion published in our reviews, do not ask us to remove the review. If the factors leading to our comments change, we may print an addendum or amendment.

  • We are sometimes given products at no charge or at reduced cost for the purposes of reviewing them. We will not allow gifts, favors or compensation to influence the opinions expressed in the reviews. We will return gifts, demo equipment, etc. if requested once a review is completed.
  • We will fact check all specifications before publishing them.

Our reviews represent our experiences with a given product. Since we are here to sell and service bicycle equipment we will focus on products we have had positive experiences with and have the potential for good sales results. There is little service to ourselves or our customers in reviewing bad products.

Remember that specifications depicted in reviews are subject to change, and do change very frequently.


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